Gene regulatory network inference from CRISPR perturbations in primary CD4+ T cells elucidates the genomic basis of immune disease

We mapped the gene regulatory network of key immune disease genes in primary CD4+ T cells using causal inference methods

The genetic determinants of recurrent somatic mutations in 43,693 blood genomes

We discovered thousands of unexpectedly common somatic mutations in blood

Aberrant activation of TCL1A promotes stem cell expansion in clonal haematopoiesis

We identified TCL1A as a key mediator of clonal expansion in CHIP clones

LabWAS: Novel findings and study design recommendations from a meta-analysis of clinical labs in two independent biobanks

We performed a GWAS meta-analysis of lab derived phenotypes from the Michigan Genomics Initiative (Umich) and BioVU (Vanderbilt)

Inherited causes of clonal haematopoiesis in 97,691 whole genomes

We discovered the genetic determinants of CHIP in ~97,000 TOPMed whole genomes